CMS & ED or Community Medical Services and Essential Drugs is a diploma program initiated and recommended by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. The course helps people and students to become good medical professionals to offer quality and affordable medical treatment in rural areas.

In India, there is a huge deficiency of qualified and experienced medical professionals because as per the report of the World Health Organization, the doctor-patient ratio in India is 1:10189. Most medical experts, doctors and healthcare workers provide their services in urban areas.

Thus, remote areas like rural or semi-urban areas need more medical and healthcare workers to get treatment on time.

There are many institutions today providing top-quality education in healthcare services and treatment. Delhi University also provides some medical courses but it doesn’t offer CMS & ED diplomas. If you want to pursue this diploma program, then you can easily contact Sri Venkateswara University. It is situated in Gajraula of Amroha district of Uttar Pradesh.

Desirable students and people who want to pursue a diploma in Community Medical Services and Essential Drugs are curious to know the eligibility, fee structure and admission procedure. For their convenience, we have provided some necessary details here:

About CMS and ED Diploma Program: Full Form of CMS & ED

CMS and ED is the abbreviated form of “Community Medical Services and Essential Drugs.” CMS and ED course is completely dedicated to the necessary healthcare services to rural and remote populations by preparing medical professionals for the same. The other term “ED” means essential drugs and it implies the knowledge and understanding of various types of drugs and medicines to treat several diseases at a basic level because first aid sometimes becomes a life saver for people living in rural or remote areas.

CMS & ED is an 18 months diploma program with three semesters. In other words, one can say it’s a 1 and half year duration program. This course is implemented by the supreme court to cater for the present-day needs of rural areas and the demands of students for the same. This course is mainly for those who want to serve rural communities and remote areas with the best possible medical aid and primary healthcare services.

After completing this course, a candidate becomes a good healthcare provider for rural communities. They can easily open their own healthcare centers, provide medical assistance and prescribe necessary medicines through the supervision of experienced doctors in their team.

Advantages of Taking Admission to CMS & ED Diploma Program

There are many advantages to pursuing this diploma program. Some of them are:

  • Students can easily get a medical education and an understanding of various types of drugs and primary medicines for healthcare providers.
  • They can enter the medical field without pursuing MBBS or higher degrees.
  • Candidates don’t need to appear for any entrance test as we do in MBBS or any high-profile medical admission. So, we can say that there is no hassle of taking the entrance test for this admission.

CMS & ED Course Curriculum, Fee, Eligibility and Career Scope

Community Medical Services and Essential Drugs is an 18 months diploma course (1.5 years). The program is made for those people who want to serve the general population of rural areas. There are many people and students who want to provide healthcare services for the sake of humanity in remote areas after completing a reliable course from a good University.

There are many programs offered by Delhi University’s School of Open Learning but it doesn’t provide CMS and ED courses. However, there are many colleges and medical institutions that offer this course to eligible students. One of them is Sri Venkateswara University of Gajraula of Amroha district.

The course helps the students to get quality education in managing and providing medical healthcare services to the rural population. With this program, candidates learn various things like:

  • Medicines and types of drugs
  • Primary healthcare management
  • Basic and first aid treatment
  • Knowledge of infections
  • Causes and their possible treatment

If you also want a reliable short-term course in rural medical services and healthcare treatment, then this program is made for you. If you want to pursue any other course from DU SOL like B.Sc Nursing, MBBS, MS, BDS etc, then visit the DU SOL using the official website

CMS and ED are good diploma programs offered by Sri Venkateswara University. The complete course structure is student-friendly and up-to-date. It helps the students to become good medical professionals.

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Highlights of CMS & ED Diploma Program

  • Name of the program: Community Medical Services and Essential Drugs
  • Level of the programme: Diploma
  • Duration: 18 months
  • Semesters: 3
  • Mode of learning: Online
  • Eligibility for the course: 10+2 from a recognized university with 2 years (10th passed) and 1 year (12th passed) of experience needed.
  • Fee for the program: 50 to 60 K
  • Accreditation and approvals: UGC, INC, MCI, PCI Govt of Uttar Pradesh and other recognition from several accreditation bodies

Criteria of Eligibility for CMS & ED Diploma Program

Desiring candidates who want to serve the rural population with medical services should know these criteria of eligibility for becoming a good CMS & ED diploma holder. Read all the points carefully:

Class 10th and 12th passed students are eligible for this course.

Relevant work experience is needed:

  • For class 10th students: 2 years
  • For class 12th with 10+2 mode: 1 year
  • Any specific stream is not needed for taking admission to the course

Duration of the Program

  • The complete duration of this CMS & ED diploma course is 18 months or 1.5 years.
  • There are a total of 3 semesters in this course.
  • Every six months, you need to cover a particular semester based on the topics and subjects included in your program.
  • In the first 2 semesters, students are required to get skills and understandings related to basic and primary skills for the program.
  • In the final semester, students need to read various topics with practical exposure. They also need to undergo an internship of at least 6 months of duration.

Mode of Learning CMS & ED Program

This course is for those candidates who have relevant work experience: one or two years as per class 12th and 10th passed students respectively. Therefore, we can say that this course is for working professionals. Working people always want a flexible education culture to make a work-life balance. So, the mode of learning is online.

Blended Mode of Learning

Candidates in medical fields always need practical knowledge related to the course they are studying. Thus, the course is offered in a hybrid learning format. Practicals are provided through in-campus labs and infrastructure (offline mode). So, we can say that the education provided by Sri Venkateswara University is a blended form of CMS & ED courses.

Fee Structure for CMS & ED Course

The complete academic fee for this course is 60,000 INR. The registration charges are 1000 INR.
Other details regarding fee are provided below:

  • Semester 1 tuition fee and IT support charge: 20,000 (15 +5 K)
  • Semester 2 and IT Support fee: 20,000 INR (15 +5 K)
  • Semester 3 tuition fee: 15000 INR
  • Examination fee: 4000 INR (2000 X 2)

Fee Submission Guidelines

  • Students who want to become good medical professionals can register themselves by paying 6,000 INR. It includes registration charges and an IT support fee (1000 + 5000).
  • The tuition fee for semester 1 must be paid within 30 days of registration.
  • Fees once paid won’t be refunded or reimbursed in any case.
  • Students can easily pay the fee in one go or semester-wise.
  • EMI options are available for the convenience of the students. They can pay the fee using the online web portal of the varsity.
  • Detailed fee structure may vary with the additional charges apart from the course fee. So, it is recommended to the students to check the complete guidelines and fee structure.

CMS & ED Diploma Course Curriculum and Syllabus

The course curriculum of CMS and ED includes various things to offer basic and primary healthcare services. Students need to learn various aspects of medicine and healthcare management. Some of the topics include human anatomy, physiology and pathology, community, health and hygiene with the knowledge of drugs and administering medicines through injection and other processes.

The complete syllabus is divided into three semesters in one and a half years of course duration. The first two semesters will provide theory related to the program and the third semester include internships and practical-based training and learning.

The complete course curriculum is provided below. Read all the points carefully:

Semester 1: Detailed Syllabus

Anatomy and Physiology  Pharmacology
  • Introduction
  • The Tissue
  • The Cell
  • Organs and Systems
  • Skeleton System
  • Joints of the Skeleton
  • Blood
  • Lymphatic System
  • Cardiovascular System
  • Respiratory System
  • Urinary System
  • The muscular system
  • The physiology of muscle
  • Central nervous system
  • Autonomic Nervous System
  • Organs of Special Senses
  • Regulation of body and skin temperature
  • Digestive System
  • Endocrine System
  • Reproductive System
  • General Pharmacology and Definition

Pharmacy: Source of Drug

  • Forms of Drug
  • Route of Administration

Various Types of Drugs- Classification

  • Dose Definition, Maximum and Minimum Dose, Calculation of Doses

Injection – definition, the purpose of injection and common dangers of injection

  • Different routes of infusion
  • Infections
  • Sterilization- Disinfection
  • Methods of Transmission of Diseases
  • Immunization
  • Definition of Toxicology, General Principles of Clinical Toxicology
  • Classification of Poisons – General Treatment of Poisoning
Pathology  Community Health and Hygiene
  • Introduction to Microbiology
  • General Pathology
  • Infection
  • Systemic Pathology
  • Clinical Pathology
  • Communicable and non-communicable diseases
  • Concept of health disease and prevention
  • Nutrition and a balanced diet
  • Health Education and Personal Hygiene
  • Human Sexuality
  • Occupational Health and Hazard

Semester 2: Detailed Syllabus

Practice of Medicine Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Home Nursing
  • Home remedies
  • Drug addiction
  • Mental diseases and Introduction to Psychology
  • Communicable diseases: Prevention, control and treatment
  • Hormonal diseases
  • Nutritional deficiency diseases
  • Gynaecology –  Common Diseases


  • Antenatal Care
  • Postnatal Care
  • Family Welfare- family planning methods
  • (Temporary and permanent)

Sterility: Investigations of sterility, what is sterility and its failure

  • Reproductive and Child Health
  • National Family Welfare Program
  • National Family Welfare Program
  • Complications of Pregnancy
  • Complications of Labor
Medical Jurisprudence Primary Health
  • Criminal Courts in India
  • Indian Legal Services
  • Medical Ethics
  • Procedures in Court
  • Injuries
  • Rape, Indecent assaults, Battery
  • Medical Examination and Consent
  • Common viral and bacterial infections
  • Primary health care
  • First aid and referral
  • Sterility and Infertility
  • Temporary and permanent contraception

Note: In the 3rd semester, students are required to complete their respective internships to become good medical service providers. These skills are provided through practical exposure in an offline mode of learning. Candidates check the complete course structure where they want to take admission.

CMS and ED Course Scope

The course Community Medical Services and Essential Drugs is one of the best diploma programs introduced in the medical field. We all know that there is a huge necessity for skilled medical professionals and experts for rural and primary healthcare centers.

Hon’ble supreme court of India has initiated and launched a program for producing more and more healthcare providers in the country for providing best-in-class medical services in remote areas especially those villages and communities that are very far from big metropolitan cities.

The course helps the students to become skilled professionals with lots of necessary knowledge related to drugs, medicines and other treatment procedures for the general public.

Post-completion of the course, students of CMS and ED diploma can easily become medical executives or medical professionals to prescribe and administer injections and drugs to the people of rural and semi-urban populations. They can easily treat basic ailments of the people and a perfect opportunity to make their career in this sector with the supervision of their seniors.

They are also trained with WHO-recommended drugs and essential medications.

Candidates who have passed Community Medical Services and Essential Drugs can join rural healthcare centers and other organizations who are deliberately serving mankind with medical aid.

Approvals and Recognition of CMS & ED Program

The CMS & ED diploma program has been approved and recognized by various access and accreditation bodies. A student who wants to get enrolled in a university like DU SOL should know the approvals and recognition first.

  • The Delhi University’s School of Open Learning is approved by UGC.
  • The course at SVU is approved by the Ministry of Education, Government of India.
  • The CMS and ED course is offered by SVU (Sri Venkateswara University) not by DU SOL as DU SOL doesn’t offer this medical program.

If you take admitted to Sri Venkateswara University, you will get the approvals and recognition and these institutions:

  • Pharmacy Council of India (PCI)
  • University Grants Commission (UGC)
  • Medical Council of India (MCI)
  • Indian Nursing Council (INC)
  • Association of Indian Universities (AIU)

Why Pursue CMS and ED Courses?

It is reasonable to ask this question: Why choose the CMS & ED diploma program in online mode as there are many regular courses available with multiple universities? Does this course provide benefits over regular courses or such courses of this type?

The answer is “Yes,” the program helps the students to become good medical professionals. Some of the top benefits are provided below:

Short duration

As discussed above, the complete course duration of this program is 18 months with 3 semesters in the span of every six months. So, we can say that it’s one of the best short-term programs out there to become a medical professional. However, if you choose another program like MBBS or MD, you need to spend a long duration to finish the course, but here you can complete a CMS and ED diploma in just one and a half years. This course is good for working professionals and for those who want to excel in their skills in the medical field to become good healthcare supervisors or medical experts.

No specific stream/specialization required

In order to be admitted to this program, no specific stream or course was needed. Any working professional who has studied class 10 with 2 years of experience or 12th with one year of experience can take admission to this course. On the other hand, if you want to pursue a medical diploma or degree, you must ask whether you have completed a certain level of education in the medical field. Here, with CMS and ED, you will get a perfect platform to up-skill yourself with medical education for rural healthcare management.

Become a Skilled Medical Service Provider

The course Community Medical Service and Essential Drugs helps working people and candidates for good medical healthcare professionals. They get quality training with UGC, IMA, PCI, MCI approved certifications. After completing the program, one can easily hold best-in-class positions for offering medical service and healthcare services to underprivileged and rural populations.

Opportunity to Work at Healthcare Centers

The course CMS and ED provide good medical exposure with a blending learning system and makes them skilled healthcare professionals to work at healthcare centers and medical facilities in rural and remote areas. You can grab both government and private jobs in this sector.

Learn While You Earn

There is no doubt that this course is made for experienced people and one who wants to gain medical knowledge and skills in their professional career. CMS and ED is a good option to learn while earning as one can easily manage work with this online learning. This course is offered by many institutions like Sri Venkateswara University (SVU). The education system is good and best in class for people who want to get medical knowledge.

How To Apply for a CMS & ED Course?

The application procedure for Community Medical Service and Essential Drugs is very straightforward. Working professionals can follow these guidelines to get registered for this course:


The first step is registration and students are required to register themselves using the official website of the varsity. Register yourself on the university’s website in which you want to take admission like SVU as registration is the mandatory basic step for big and reputed universities like DU SOL.

You need to provide all the details carefully and create a login ID.

Fill the Form

Now, the application filling process comes in. You need to log in to your account using the official login details.

Provide necessary educational details and personal information.

Upload Documents

Now, you can easily upload documents on the website of the university. The documents should be in scanned format.

Fee submission

Check the fee structure and then use internet banking or credit/debit card details to pay your diploma fee.

Download the acknowledgement slip and take the Admission Confirmation

Finally, you need to download an acknowledgement slip and then take a printout of the confirmation page for future reference.


Finally, we can say that the CMS & ED course is good for making a career in the medical field. It’s an 18-month diploma program whose main objective is to impart quality healthcare training to working people for making a team of healthcare workers who can work in remote or rural areas. The eligibility of this course is class 10th with 2 years of experience and 12th with 1 year of experience. However, for other courses like MBBS, and BDS, you can choose DU SOL using its official website