In Delhi University School of Open Learning online classes have been taken as a crucial center to give education and other information through online mode of education. Students can join their respective subjects or course classes at their convenience. The first student needs to visit the official portal of DU-SOL and log them into respective profiles to attend the online classes. DU SOL Admission Last Date 2024-25

Delhi school of open learning has been offering the opportunity of online education to many such students who are not able to attend the regular classes. While the students do not have to worry about their attendance, they can attend the classes in online mode from their comfortable homes. The online classes for the academic session 2024-25, will be started when the admission procedure of the Undergraduate course has been completed. Students can find the schedule for their respective classes on the official web portal at DU-SOL to join and attend the class. 

Students can select the classes that they wish to attend, thus the selection of selecting the classes depends upon the details that are available on the official web page of DU-SOL online classes schedule. The given schedule doesn’t just offer the date of the online classes of a particular subject or specialization but students can also get other details related to the course and subject such as test papers, related study material, mock questions, assignment questions, and other related information. Students can find this schedule through the option of online classes that are mentioned on the homepage of the portal. Also, candidates can find this schedule when they are logging in for your online classes through student’s profile available on the dashboard.

Here are some more details that a student can acquire about the online classes from the schedule:-

  • The date of the online classes.
  • Year or semesters that you belong to.
  • Different courses from which a student need to select.
  • The subject for which you wish to get the classes.
  • Timing is provided for each class.
  • The name of the faculty which takes the online class.
  • The link is provided and you need to click to log in to the online class.
  • The student needs to go through the details of the schedule carefully and then need to decide which class online link they should attend.

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How To Login Into DU SOL Online Classes

The official web portal of DU SOL is like a platform where the students get everything that they want includes, including notification, mark sheets, placements, and respective online classes. Students can navigate to the web page of online classes and can join in their respective subjects to attend the class. 
If a student is accessing the online class for the very first time, then you need to follow these simple steps and the application, namely as Teams App. where you can log in and enter a password for the online class. For this, you have to go through the student dashboard option first.

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Login Into Online Classes Through DU SOL Dashboard

Here are simple steps that the students need to follow in order to join the online classes and attend their lectures on the web portal itself:- 

Step 1: First, visit at the official web portal of DUSOL (

Step 2: Click on the student Dashboard that appears on the homepage.

Step 3: Next, a student has to provide their SOL roll number and the barcode on the login page to log into your dashboard.

Step 4: The login page will appear, where you have to provide your roll number and barcode to log in.

Step 5: On the existing page, students will find the section of Team’s login ID and Password that you will need, just below the box, the link to the access of online classes.

Step 6: Next, you will find the link to download the Teams app if you do not have it downloaded beforehand.

Step 7: After you have downloaded the app through that given link, then return back to the web page and click on the link to the third link to log into the Teams app through your computer to check.

Step 8: Once you again return to the page and click on the option of Online Class and get the Schedules started.

Step 9: Select the subject for the online class and click the link to join the class.

Step 10: On the Microsoft Teams Page, click on the sign-in button.

Step 11: Provide the credentials on the Team’s login Id and Password, that you have got before at a time of log into your own profile.

The page for the online class for the selected subject will be in front of your screen, you can start your class and enjoy your online lectures just by sitting at your comfort home.

Once you have got your Teams Login ID and Password for DU SOL online classes, you can go to your respective online classes directly from the next time. You just need to follow these below-mentioned steps to access your online classes directly from the next time.

Step 1: Visit at the DU SOL web portal

Step 2: On the homepage, you will get the option of Online Class on which you have to tap.

Step 3: On the next page, you will get a list of subjects for which you can opt the online classes for a particular subject.

Step 4: At the end of the subject row, students can find the link to log in for the classes on which they need to click to attend the class in online mode.

Step 5: First, log in to your dashboard by filling in your roll number and password.

Step 6: On the Team Application, sign in once again using the Teams credentials that you have noted down earlier.

That’s how you are able to attend and start your classes in the online mode at the DU SOL web portal.

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What Are The Benefits Of Attending The Classes In an Online Mode?

The students can avail themselves of a wide number of benefits from DU SOL, online classes. Here are some of the most common and relevant benefits that students can get from such online classes.

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1. Classes are in Convenient Location:

During the scenario of the whole pandemic situations as now, students be a little scared of coming out of their safest place that is house to attend the classes physically in an offline mode in the midst or several students. Such students can easily go through the online classes by sitting at the safest places of their homes. Online classes are beneficial for even the working professionals, teachers, faculty departments, and other such helping hand staff. With the online classes, the students can choose a class that suits their timings and can attend them at their own convenience.

2. Deceive Flexibility:

It is not compulsory for every student that a student needs and always uses the desktop for online classes. Thus, the web portal is made in such as way, it is so compatible with every device such as Desktops, Smartphones, IPAD, Nore, and other such digital smart screens. Hence, students can start and attend their respective online classes irrespective of the device that they are carrying to attend the respective course classes. Also Read: DU SOL Registration, Form, Last Date, Admission 2024-25

The objective of DU SOL is to offer convenience and flexibility to the students. In this regard, the online class is the best option to have. The students can get access to the online class of their subjects at their own convenience using any device and from anywhere. It does not matter where the student is or which device the student has, attending the DU SOL online classes is completely comfortable and convenient for all the students.