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Pursuing a B.Tech degree through lateral entry after completing a diploma has proven to be highly beneficial for individuals, both freshers and working professionals. If you aspire to build a successful career in the field of engineering, obtaining a B.Tech degree is essential for excelling in this domain. In India, a B.Tech degree holds great prestige and opens doors to a prosperous professional journey. Engineering encompasses a wide range of opportunities, providing numerous job prospects. With various specialisations available, each offering multiple career paths and room for growth, there is immense potential within the field. This blog aims to comprehensively discuss all aspects related to B.Tech lateral entry after a diploma, including its advantages, career opportunities, job prospects, salary packages, the top colleges, preferred specialisations, and any other relevant information pertaining to the course.


The B.Tech lateral entry after diploma course is either a regular program or a part-time course delivered in a blended mode. B.Tech lateral entry course is not delivered in a distance mode. This is because this is a technical course and needs practical learning which is not possible in the distance mode. So, DU SOL does not offer any B.Tech lateral entry course because it primarily offers distance learning courses. 

However, the government does allow part-time B.Tech programs for diploma holders and working professionals. This part-time B.Tech is also called the B.Tech for working professionals program and is delivered in a hybrid mode to offer complete flexibility to the students so that they can easily manage their work-life balance. 

Apart from the flexibility that the course offers, there are a lot of other advantages of the course as well including better and more career prospects in engineering, lesser fee structure, better exposure and networking, higher education options, and a few more. In this blog, we will be discussing them all in great detail along with the best university options for you. 

Key Highlights 

Here in this table below is brief information regarding the B.Tech for working professionals course: 


3-3.5 years (6-7 semesters respectively) 


Polytechnic diploma + work experience 

Admission Procedure 


Fee Structure 

2-3 Lakhs for complete course 

Top Universities 

  • Shri Venkateshwara University (SVU)
  • Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth 
  • Mewar University 
  • Apex University 
  • Mangalayatan University 
  • BITS Pilani WILP 

Top Specialisations 

  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering 
  • Civil Engineering 
  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Mechanical & Automobile Engineering 
  • Electronics & Communications Engineering 

Job Roles 

  • Data Scientist 
  • AI & ML Engineer 
  • Full-stack Engineer 
  • Civil Engineer 
  • Structural Engineer 
  • Construction Manager 
  • Electrical Engineer 
  • VLSI Design Engineer 
  • Mechanical Engineer 
  • Automobile Design Engineer 
  • Electronics Engineer 
  • Telecommunications Engineer 
  • Network Engineer 
  • Systems Engineer  

Medium of Course Delivery 

Hybrid (Online + Offline Learning) 


  • Skill Development 
  • Enhanced Knowledge Base 
  • More & high-paying job options 
  • Flexible curriculum 
  • Higher education opportunities 
  • Affordable fee structure  

Duration & Eligibility for B.Tech Lateral Entry After Diploma  

The total duration of the B.Tech lateral entry after diploma is 3-3.5 years. There are a total of 6-7 semesters respectively. The final semester of this program is usually dedicated to the practical aspect of the program including project work, viva, internship/industry projects, etc. 

The eligibility criteria for admission to B.Tech lateral entry after diploma is simple but mandatory to fulfil as this is a technical course and that too a lateral entry which means the candidates must possess knowledge of the first year of the B.Tech course that they are skipping. 

Following are the conditions that the candidates must fulfil to be eligible for admission: 

  • Must have a polytechnic diploma in a specialisation similar to the one you are applying for the B.Tech lateral entry program. 
  • Must have secured at least 45% marks in aggregate. 
  • Must have earned the diploma from a recognised university/institute. 
  • Some universities have made it mandatory for the candidates to be working professionals with at least 2 years of work experience. 

How to Apply for B.Tech Lateral Entry After Diploma?

The application procedure for admission to the B.Tech lateral entry program after diploma is simple and quick as the entire admission procedure is online. There is no hassle of visiting the campus as you can get admission from the comfort of your homes.   

Following are all the steps you need to follow to get B.Tech lateral admission after diploma: 

  • Go to the official website of the university you wish to get admitted to. 
  • Register to the website and then login to the admission portal. 
  • Fill up the application form for your preferred course. 
  • Upload the necessary documents for eligibility verification. 
  • Pay the required application fees and submit the form. 

B.Tech Lateral Entry Fees 

We’re talking about the B.Tech for working professionals program here which is offered part-time for polytechnic diploma holders. The fee structure for this course is extremely affordable as you can complete the entire 3-3.5 years course within a range of INR 2-3 lakhs. 

The course is quite economical as you can pursue a full-time job simultaneously with your course which provides for you as a constant source of income. You can cover the entire course fees easily if you are a working professional. 

If you are not a working professional, then the course offers enough flexibility for you to pursue internships or take up freelance industry projects. This not just helps you financially, but you also gain hands-on real-world experience, which proves to be a great asset on your CV for future job prospects.  

Career After B.Tech Lateral Entry (Jobs & Salary) 

Polytechnic diploma is quite a good course as it is job-oriented. The course trains you in particular vocational areas. You are eligible for entry-level job positions in the engineering industry with a polytechnic diploma. However, there is little scope for growth and exposure because the knowledge that you earn through the diploma is limited. 

A B.Tech course, however, gives you in-depth knowledge which is not restricted to one particular domain. So, you are knowledgeable about several domains and eligible for several different types of roles within a specialisation. 

Therefore, a B.Tech degree is definitely an incredible upgrade in your qualifications if you are a polytechnic diploma holder. Another reason is that the companies find the B.Tech degree as more credible in comparison to a polytechnic diploma, so they prefer a B.Tech holder more than a diploma holder. 

So, pursuing a B.Tech degree after diploma is a wise decision and especially because you have a larger pool of job options. Following are some of the top job roles along with their respective starting average base salaries for your reference: 

Job Roles 

Starting Average Base Salary 

Software Engineer 

INR 6-10 LPA 

Data Scientist 

INR 8-12 LPA

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

INR 5-9 LPA 

Sr. Civil Engineer 

INR 6-10 LPA 

Structural Engineer 

INR 5-8 LPA 

Sr. Electrical Engineer 


Telecommunications Engineer

INR 5-8 LPA 

Sr. Mechanical Engineer 

INR 6-10 LPA 

Electronics Engineer 

INR 4-7 LPA 

Mechanical Design Engineer 

INR 4-6 LPA 

Is Part-Time B.Tech Lateral Entry After Diploma Valid? 

Yes, a part-time B.Tech lateral entry course after diploma is totally valid. However, there are certain conditions under which the course is considered valid. 

  • First condition is that the course is primarily for working professionals and for those who have successfully completed their polytechnic diploma in a relevant specialisation. 
  • Second and a very important condition is that the university from which you are pursuing your part-time B.Tech program must be UGC/AICTE approved. Without the required approvals and accreditations, the degree that you earn will stand invalid. 

Top Specialisations for B.Tech Lateral Entry After Diploma  

There are many specialisations within the field of engineering. Each and every field has its own significance. It is important to select the right specialisation that aligns with your prior qualifications, interests, and career goals. 

Following is a list of the top specialisations based on their demand in the job market and the plethora of jobs that they offer. 

  • Computer Science and Engineering 
  • Electrical Engineering 
  • Civil Engineering 
  • Electronics & Communications Engineering 
  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Mechanical & Automobile Engineering 

Top Universities for B.Tech Lateral Entry After Diploma 

As already mentioned, it is very crucial to find the right university when it comes to a B.Tech lateral entry degree after diploma. This is because there have been many instances where students took admission to non-approved universities and the degree that they received were invalid. 

Pursuing a degree is a very crucial life decision and a non-reversible one, so you must save yourself from wasting your time, money, and efforts. So, here is a list of only the UGC/AICTE approved top universities in India that offer part-time B.Tech lateral entry after diploma course in different specialisations: 

  • Shri Venkateshwara Universities (SVU)
  • Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth 
  • BITS Pilani WILP
  • Apex University 
  • Mewar University
  • Mangalayatan University  

DU SOL Admissions FAQ

No, DU SOL does not offer the distance B.Tech course. B.Tech courses are not delivered in distance learning modes as they are not allowed by the Ministry of Education (MoE) of India.

DU does not offer the B.Tech lateral entry programs. However, there are a few good universities that offer part-time B.Tech lateral entry courses after diploma. The average fee structure for it is between the range of INR 2-3 lakhs.

No, DU SOL does not offer B.Tech courses in any mode. Neither online nor distance B.Tech is delivered by DU SOL.

No. after completing a polytechnic diploma, you can complete the B.Tech course in 3 years instead of 4 years through lateral entry admission.

No, DU does not offer B.Tech lateral entry admission. DU only offers a full-time regular 4 years B.Tech program.

No, distance B.Tech is not a valid degree in India. This is because it is a technical degree and needs practical learning. However, part-time B.Tech courses are valid for polytechnic diploma holders and working professionals.

Yes, the B.Tech for working professionals is a program designed for people who wish to continue higher education but without leaving their jobs. The curriculum of the course is quite flexible to allow professionals to maintain work-life balance while studying their B.Tech course at the same time.

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