Plagiarism checking is a necessary aspect of any MBA assignment. Let’s find out why.

Students in any university are expected to conduct a plagiarism check before submitting their content. But for students of MBA in IGNOU, it’s even more important. So, let’s dive in and understand a few important reasons behind that.

Why do IGNOU University’s MBA Assignments need to Be Original?

IGNOU is one of the most reputable universities in the nation. So, it has strict rules for things such as plagiarism or duplicate content. That’s why you need original MBA assignments and avoid plagiarism to keep your credibility.

If you are thinking of saving time by buying a plagiarized paper, think again. You will eventually lose all the hard work you put into your MBA degree if you start by plagiarizing. Hence, you need to avoid it at all costs and ensure that your MBA assignments for IGNOU are original.

Why Plagiarism Checking Is Compulsory For IGNOU MBA Assignments: Explained in 5 Reasons

As mentioned before, IGNOU is one of the most renowned universities. Thus, you can check your assignments through a plagiarism checker free before submission.

Here are five reasons that explain why it is compulsory to check your assignment’s uniqueness through a plagiarism checker free:

1. It Can Get You Penalized

It is very easy to plagiarize content online, and believe it or not, MBA students are the culprit all the same. That’s why, many students find it easier to plagiarize nowadays, as you can copy someone else’s work and then change a few words to make it look like your own.

This is not something new, but the penalties for plagiarism are getting worse with time too. There are many cases of plagiarism in universities these days, and the severity of the penalty depends on the university policy.

For example, if you are an MBA student at a top university like IGNOU, you can be penalized by expulsion from your program or even permanently banned from future enrollment in that university. Some other common penalties include:

  • A necessary plagiarism report with each assignment;
  • Loss of points or grades in your academic year;
  • Serve probation before you can join again;
  • Worst case scenario: completely failing a course.

These are some of the most common penalties related to plagiarism in IGNOU. They are a reputable university and they expect the students to hold the same integrity. Therefore, when you commit plagiarism, you compromise your image, as well as theirs.

Hence, they deal with penalties and punishments like this to avoid any further cases of plagiarism. This is one of the main reasons why you need to check for plagiarism before assignment submission.

2. It Can Hurt Your Admission Chances

Just like it’s an issue for students that are enrolled, it’s equally a problem for those who are looking to get in IGNOU MBA Program. Because of plagiarism’s unethical nature, it can be a serious problem for students who are applying for a university, college, or MBA program.

Students who plagiarize their work may be penalized in one of two ways:

  • They may fail the admission test because of plagiarism;
  • Or they may be accepted but with a lower rank than they would have been given had they not plagiarized.

However, with IGNOU, the latter is rarely the case as they put all their students on the same level as the other. So, if you’re looking to avoid any hindrances in your admission to IGNOU, make sure you avoid plagiarism by checking for it in your tests.

3. It Can Get You Expelled

One of the worst penalties in university is expulsion. Students are expelled if they plagiarize, or if it is discovered that they have submitted the work of another student as their own work. Plagiarism is a serious offense in all universities because of its highly unethical nature.

And, since it hurts the learning curve and compromises student integrity, it can lead to expulsion, which can affect your future career prospects. Now, the university understands that there are many reasons why students plagiarize, such as:

  • They may not know how to cite the sources of their work;
  • Or they may be trying to impress their professor with a higher grade.

Hence, they might warn a student before they take any drastic action. But, whatever the reason, it is important that you understand the consequences of plagiarism and take steps to avoid it from happening.

4. It Can Quicken the Plagiarism-Removal Process

The plagiarism-removal process is a lengthy one. It takes time not only to find duplicity in your content but also when you rewrite or cite the source. But that’s only if you do it manually or using old methods. With a plagiarism checker, you get to:

  • Scan your content for plagiarism quickly;
  • Easily find the original source;
  • Get to rewriting right away.

These three reasons make a plagiarism checker a very time-efficient tool for writers—particularly for IGNOU MBA assignments. Because it’ll help you save a lot of time when scanning your content to check for plagiarism.

A good quality plagiarism checker will take around 20-30 seconds, or a minute at most, to check 1000 words. Besides that, locating the source and allowing you to compare the text makes it a lot more efficient to rewrite and cite the source.

5. It Can Make You More Credible For IGNOU MBA Program

As a writer in any niche, you’re responsible for original content. This responsibility is even higher as an MBA student. So, when you scan your content with a plagiarism checker before posting, you become more credible.

One of the main reasons behind that is, it shows your intention. If you’re removing plagiarism before posting, it shows that you’re keen on avoiding duplicity.

Besides that, your credibility goes even higher when you post a plagiarism report alongside your MBA assignment. This show of intention makes you a credible student in the eye of your teacher/professors. Hence, plagiarism checking is compulsory for IGNOU MBA assignments.


These are some of the main reasons why plagiarism checking is a compulsory practice for MBA students in IGNOU—or any university. As a student, it’s your responsibility to remove plagiarism and ensure your assignments are original. So, use a quality tool and gain the benefits of plagiarism-free MBA assignments.