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Delhi University's Faculty of Management Studies aims to provide top-notch instruction and skill development to those who want to pursue advanced degrees in business and management. The institution offers a thorough two-year postgraduate Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree and uses an online admissions platform to streamline the application process. This MBA program has been carefully designed with the specific goal of helping students achieve their goals in a variety of industrial areas. Students who have developed their leadership abilities during the program will be able to handle any obstacles that arise in the business world in the future.

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DU MBA Syllabus : Detailed Information

Within the DU MBA, several specialized programs are available. Students are advised to review the content on Delhi University's official platform in depth to gain comprehensive knowledge. The General MBA, Executive MBA, Finance MBA, and Business Administration MBA are among the MBA specializations offered. Students can also engage in MBA programs specializing in financial market practice, human resources, and other areas.

The prospectus of Delhi University's Faculty of Management Studies has all the information you need to learn about the MBA program in depth. Please click the following link to view the whole syllabus.

MBA Course Structure

Delhi University's 2 -year degree program consists of 4 semesters. The 2 half of this program is Semester 1 and Semester 2, and each year consists of 2 semesters. In their 1st year, students must complete 8 papers or subjects every semester. Later, they need to concentrate on 3 subjects/papers in semesters 3 and 4 when they enter their 2nd year to complete their degree.

The credit specifics are as follows:

  • A total of 22 credits are needed (during all 4 semesters).
  • Elective subjects: During the 2nd year, there are 5 electives every semester for 10 credits.
  • A total of 144 credits are required to pass the course.

List of MBA Subject

Here is the list of core subjects of a general MBA for a better understanding of the program: 

1st Year of MBA



MBAFT-6101 Organizational Behaviour

MBAFT-6201 Organization Effectiveness and Change

MBAFT-6102 Data Analysis and Decision Tools

MBAFT-6202 Decision Modeling and Optimization

MBAFT-6103 Managerial Economics

MBAFT-6203 Economic Environment of Business

MBAFT-6104 Accounting for Managers

MBAFT-6204 Corporate Finance

MBAFT-6105 Marketing Management

MBAFT-6205 Management Accounting

MBAFT-6106 Human Resource Management

MBAFT-6206 Production and Operation Management

MBAFT-6107 Business Communication

MBAFT-6207 Marketing Research

MBAFT-6108 Information Technology Management

MBAFT-6208 Management of Information System

2nd Year of MBA



MBAFT-6301 Business Ethics & Sustainability 

MBAFT-6401 Legal Environment of Business 

MBAFT-6302 Strategic Analysis

MBAFT-6402 Strategic Management 

MBAFT-6303 Project Study

MBAFT-6403 Global Business Management

Elective Courses

Here is the list of elective subject areas that student need to choose in their semester-3 & 4 

  • Area 1: Culture & Philosophy
  • Area 2: Economics & Public Policy
  • Area 3: Entrepreneurship
  • Area 4: Finance
  • Area 5: Information Technology Management
  • Area 6: Marketing
  • Area 7: Operations Management
  • Area 8: Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource Management
  • Area 9: Strategic Management
  • Area 10:  Contemporary Issues

DU SOL Sample Certificate

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Who is Eligible for MBA course

  • The graduate student in any major from any board that is recognized
  • Candidates must receive at least 50% in their general bachelor's degree and 45% in other areas.
  • Applicants must take the CAT test that academic year and pass it.
  • Age restrictions do not apply.

DU SOL Admissions FAQ

The MBA program at Delhi University includes optional courses in addition to basic disciplines, including marketing management, financial management, human resource management, and operations management.

Following their preferences, students can select from various specialized courses, including those in business analytics, entrepreneurship, international business, and more.

The curriculum incorporates case studies, projects, internships, and presentations to help students apply their knowledge in business and build practical business skills.

Absolutely; students are free to choose optional courses that best suit their professional objectives, providing for program customization even within the constraints of the curriculum.

The DU MBA curriculum is updated regularly to reflect changes in the business world and new practices, making the curriculum current and relevant.