Delhi University Issues Anti-ragging Guidelines For Freshers Ahead of Reopening Colleges As UG Classes To Begin Soon


Delhi University (DU) has issued anti-raging guidelines on this Thursday, November 18, 2021. These guidelines come ahead by the University of Delhi’s planning committee for the new Graduate level students. The University of Delhi pushes complaint boxes and disciplinary committee for Anti-Raging guidelines. Read more to know about the Anti-Ragging drive. 

The University of Delhi, on November 18 has issued guidelines against the ragging. The varsity (team) has directed the colleges to place sealed complaint boxes in front of the principal’s office. 

For new students, some colleges have set up an orientation programme to familiarise them with their respective colleges, faculty staff, campus, and the other department’s things. Miranda House has announced that it will be conducting its orientation in online mode on 20th November’2021, in this online mode, students will be given a virtual tour of the college. 

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The Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), Indraprastha College For Women (IP college), Gargi College, and Ramanujan College have said they all will hold their respective orientation on the 22nd November of 2021. The anti-ragging guidelines highlighted that the head of institutions can identify a Disciplinary Resouces Person (DRP) in each DU college, hostel, hall, department, and whole campus. It also says that contact details and other important details must be shared with the students of the proctor’s office. 

Highlight Guidelines issued by Delhi University: 

“The institutions may erect suitable hoardings/billboards/banners in prominent places within the respective campus to exhort the students to prevent or not to indulge in ragging… Along with the DRP, senior teachers, NCC/NSS officers, if any, and senior students may be involved to form a Disciplinary Resource Committee (DRC)/Disciplinary Committee at the college/faculty/department level,” the guidelines read.

“Sealed complaint boxes be placed in front of the Principal’s Office, especially in those undergraduate colleges which have hostels, for the benefit of the potential victims of ragging to enable them to put their complaints/suggestions to College authorities. Officials in each college on whom the responsibility has been entrusted will look into those complaints and take prompt necessary action, as per University norms,” the guidelines said.

Entry on ID cards

“Each student is expected to carry his/her own identity card. Entry to the institution should be strictly governed on the verification of the identity cards carried by students. To enforce such regulated entry, Security Guards and other associated staff may be engaged. Such security staff along with the vigilance squads may organize, from time to time, some surprise raids on the premises of cafeteria/canteen/hostels/student union rooms/general common rooms/parking lots, etc,” the guidelines said by DU. 

 The orientation programmes of various other colleges and courses will behold a separate orientation event in the department wise for the freshers. If a student faces any ragging issue he/she is free to stand out against the anti-ragging or write a mail or letter to the principal without any hesitation. 

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