What is a Lateral Entry Course in B.Tech?

A lateral entry B.Tech course is different from a regular B.Tech course. It is designed especially for those candidates who have not completed a conventional 10+2 format of education but have rather pursued a 10+3 education format by taking up a polytechnic diploma in a field of engineering directly after completing class 10th education. Thus, a lateral entry course in B.Tech can be taken up by students who have completed their polytechnic diploma in engineering after SSC.

Key Specifications of the B.Tech Lateral Entry from DUSOL

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B.Tech Lateral Entry Course Fee

INR 2 lakhs to NR 4.5 lakhs

The course fee for a B.Tech Lateral Entry course usually ranges between INR 2 lakhs to NR 4.5 lakhs for the full program. A B.Tech Lateral Entry course consists of 6 to 7 semesters and depending upon the selected university, the total fee can vary. The fee for this course is usually charged on a per-semester basis. The payable fee amount each semester ranges between INR 30,000 to INR 75,000. Financial aids such as EMIs and educational loans are also available to take the course up.

Eligibility Criteria

This is a lateral entry program and hence students or working professionals who have either completed a polytechnic diploma or an equivalent degree in the relevant field of engineering. So candidates who have completed a polytechnic engineering diploma in the 10+3 format or have an equivalent degree (B.Sc/ B.E/ BCA etc.) can seek admission to this course. Candidates are expected to have a minimum aggregate percentage of 50% marks (45% marks in case of reserved categories) in the qualifying examination. For some institutions, a mandatory work experience of at least 2 years is needed to be eligible to apply to the course.

Duration of the B.Tech Lateral Entry Course

The duration of this course is usually 3 to 3.5 years. The course is shorter than a conventional B.Tech program since it is a lateral entry program, in which students seeking admissions must already have the preliminary knowledge about engineering. So the course period is shorter than 4 years. Some institutes offer the course in the WILP format (work-integrated format), due to which an extra semester (i.e. a total of 7 semesters) is included in this course as per the guidelines of AICTE.

B.Tech Lateral Entry Course Specialisations

A B.Tech in the lateral entry mode is offered to students in all the major specialisations available to those pursuing a regular B.Tech program. All the popular and in-demand specialisations of engineering are floated for a B.Tech lateral entry program, which includes those like mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, computer science engineering, electronics and communication engineering, automobile engineering etc. The course curriculum starts with the specialisation subjects since students pursuing this course have already completed a polytechnic degree or an equivalent degree and hence a basic knowledge of engineering core aspects.

B.Tech Lateral Entry Course Syllabus

The specialisation courses would vary depending on the one you have taken up. However, some of the major courses in the degree include those like mathematics, engineering mathematics, engineering mechanics, engineering economics and management, fluid mechanics, building materials and construction etc. Being a technical and professional degree course, various papers in the course also include integrated practicals which must be completed to further qualify the papers.

B.Tech Lateral Entry Placement Assistance

Usually, the various colleges and institutes offering this course provide integrated placement assistance. For this B.Tech degree, placement assistance through various appealing internship opportunities, skill building activities, workshops, industry connect sessions as well as placement support through placement drives are provided. The placement cells help to bring various appealing professional opportunities to the disposal of students pursuing the course.

Online B.Tech Specializations Offered by School of Open Learning

B.Tech Biotechnology Engineering

B.Tech Biotechnology

B.Tech in Production Engineering

B.Tech Computer Science

B.Tech Information Technology

B.Tech Electrical and Electronic Engineering

B.Tech Chemical Engineering

The University of Delhi offers certain subjects of specializations in online B.Tech and students can choose from them.

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B.TechLateral Entry India (Find the Best Schools and Degrees)

A B.Tech degree course is a beneficial option of completing a full-time engineering program at the UG level if one has already attained some formal education in the field after class 10th. The course is considered equivalent in value to a regular B.Tech program, provided it has been completed from a well-accredited and duly approved institution. The course, available in various top specialisations, provides a good scope for career growth and enhancement, making it suitable for both freshers and working professionals.

Major Benefits of Pursuing B.Tech Lateral Entry

This course provides a number of benefits to students taking it up. Firstly, the course saves your time, since you can directly complete a B.Tech course in 3 (or 3.5) years if you have a polytechnic diploma or equivalent degree without investing a year into a 4-year B.Tech again. This course is extremely advantageous for those candidates who have some prior work experience, as it boosts the necessary knowledge and skills for enhancing one’s career. This course is suitable for working professionals as well since many universities provide it in the Work-Integrated Learning mode or WILP mode. Its fee range is more affordable than a regular B.Tech. 


The course includes a number of theory and practical papers and students must successfully complete these papers to qualify the semesters and obtain the degree. The examinations for the course are usually conducted in the offline physical mode and students pursuing a WILP B.Tech course have exams scheduled on weekends or holidays, to ensure that the professional engagements of the working professionals is unhampered.

Career Scope

This degree offers a bright career scope in engineering to students. This course is beneficial due to the industry-relevant curriculum prepared as per latest AICTE standards. Additionally, since the course is also appropriate for working professionals, and students enrolled in B.Tech WILP can also work alongside, they can enhance their skills, complete the degree and gain work experience alongside. So, the career gets boosted multiple times after one completes this degree and pursues professional opportunities. Some of the best careers after completing a B.Tech include mechanical engineer, civil engineer, software engineer, data scientist, electrical engineer etc.

Major Placement Companies for B.Tech graduates

Some of the top placement firms and companies that hire B.Tech lateral entry graduates include those like NIIT Technologies, TCS, Larsen & Toubro, Mahindra, Reliance, HCL, Microsoft, Siemens, ITC, Honda, WIPRO, Schneider, Bajaj etc.

Who is Eligible for School of Open Learning B.Tech Lateral Entry Program?

The aspirants who wish to complete a B.Tech degree, but have already completed a polytechnic diploma instead of the typical class 12 education after SSC. This course is also for candidates who have working experience in the relevant engineering industry and have a diploma or equivalent degree like B.E, BCA, B.Sc etc. This course is also provided in the WILP mode in some universities and hence is also ideal for professionals wanting to complete their B.Tech. Candidates willing to take the course up should also have a minimum aggregate marks of 50% in their qualifying examination to be eligible.

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FAQ Related to B.Tech Lateral Entry Course

What is a lateral entry B.Tech course?

A B.Tech lateral entry course is a Bachelor’s degree in Technology which is similar to a regular B.Tech except that it is for those candidates who have a polytechnic diploma instead of HSC qualification, those who have an equivalent degree (BCA/B.E/B.Sc) or working professionals. This course is shorter than a regular B.Tech course.

Is B.Tech lateral entry a valid course?

Yes, a B.Tech lateral entry is completely valid as per UGC guidelines, and is also equivalent to a regular B.Tech program, provided it has been completed from a duly approved institute.

How many semesters are there in a B.Tech lateral entry course?

There are 6 semesters in a B.Tech lateral entry program, and for the WILP mode of B.Tech, there are 7 semesters in the course as per AICTE guidelines.

Can I take up this course without maths?

No, this is an engineering degree course and hence, having a science background with mathematics is compulsory for pursuing this course.

What is the fee for a B.Tech Lateral entry program?

The fee range for the course would mainly depend on the university/institute you pursue it from. The fee may range anywhere between INR 2,00,000 to INR 4,50,000 for the full course, which is comparatively lower than the fee range for a regular B.Tech program.

Which colleges offer a B.Tech lateral entry course?

Some of the popular and well-accredited colleges offering this course include Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth, Shri Venkateshwara University, BITS Pilani, Mangalayatan University Aligarh etc.

Is B.Tech lateral entry course an online B.Tech?

No, a B.Tech is a technical and professional course and cannot be completed in the online mode. A B.Tech in the lateral entry mode is completed in the physical offline mode, with occasional online sessions or activities.