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A thorough and fast educational programme, the One Year MBA Course offers students a condensed yet comprehensive business education. Unlike typical MBA programmes, it is especially designed for people who want to improve their managerial and leadership abilities in a shorter amount of time. The main goal of this programme is to provide students with a demanding education that covers important facets of business management and gets them ready for a range of corporate careers.

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Does DU SOL One Year MBA Course

No, DU SOL does not provide a one-year MBA programme. However, you can look at DU SOL's other undergraduate and graduate degrees or choose to enroll in their normal MBA programme.

Don't worry, though; a large number of colleges still provide specialized one-year MBA programmes. You are able to compare different colleges by using online resources that are available on websites that compare universities. For further details, consult the university's official prospectus that piques your interest.

Key point of the One Year MBA Course

An intensive curriculum is one that covers important business topics in a condensed amount of time.

Fee Structures

The educational expenses for a one-year MBA study vary widely depending on the school and area. Because of the strenuous nature of the programme, they can be mild to high. The typical cost of an MBA programme lasts one year and ranges from Rs. 1.5 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh.

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Eligibility Criteria

The prerequisites for pursuing an online one-year MBA are as follows: Graduation in any field from a recognised university or other institution, At least 50–55 percent on the most recent qualifying exam, Applicants who have passed the GMAT, GRE, ATMA, CAT, XAT, MAT, GMAT, CMAT, or NMAT exams, Candidates that pass their specific university's MBA entrance exam, Appropriate work experience, which varies according to the programme and usually lasts between two and five years, Fulfilling the requirements for the programme as specified by the institution that is offering it.

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Admission Procedure

The admissions process frequently entails the following steps: Application Submission: Submitting an online application and uploading the necessary files, Exam of Admission (if Applicable): Some programmes need candidates to take an appropriate admission exam, like the GMAT or GRE, Work Experience Certificate: This document provides proof of relevant work history, which is used to verify work experience, Interviews: Interviews or group discussions may be arranged to ascertain whether the people who have been shortlisted are a suitable match for the programme, Entrance Offer: An entrance offer detailing the programme and enrollment criteria is sent to the chosen applicants.

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The curriculum of this online master's programme is designed to allow students to complete the subjects in their selected major in a single academic year. It is therefore quite detailed and specialized, encompassing training for any equipment or software used in this field of employment. The material of this course is divided into four terms, the fourth of which is devoted to the chosen speciality:- The Firm and the Consumer, Analysis of Financial Statement, Global Economics, Operation Management, Business Statistics, People Management, Organizational Behavior, Emerging Technology: Impact on the Future of Business, Business Communication, Independent Research Project-1, Marketing Management, Specialization Courses in Term 4, Financial Management and Valuation, Capstone Project, Capital Markets and Instrument, Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility, Independent Research Project-2,

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A one-year MBA programme, as the name suggests, lasts for about a year. It is a far shorter period of time than traditional two-year MBA programmes.

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Career opportunities

The many career options that graduates of the one-year MBA programme can investigate are highlighted in this section. It displays the wide range of professions and sectors in which the knowledge and abilities can be put to use. JOB ROLES:- Marketing Manager, Management Consultant, Business Analyst, Administrative Managers, Product Manager, Operations Manager, Financial Advisor, Investment Banker.

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All Online 2 Year MBA Specializations are Provided by School of Open Learning

Delhi University School of Open Learning offers plenty of online MBA specializations and these are listed below: 

Online MBA Finance Management

Online MBA Operations Management

Online MBA in Marketing Management

Online MBA in HR Management

Online MBA in IT Management

Online MBA in Business Analytics

Online MBA in Banking & Finance Management

DU SOL Online MBA in Hospitality Management

SOL Online MBA Retail Management

DU SOL Online MBA in Hospital Administration


Detailed program Description

A thorough description of the One Year MBA Course, including its goals, methods of instruction, special characteristics, and results, may be found in the Detailed Programme Description. It aids potential students in comprehending the benefits of the programme and what they stand to gain from it.

Medium of the instructions

The language in which the lectures, classes, and course materials will be given are indicated in the Medium of Instructions. It is crucial for candidates to confirm if they feel at ease with the instruction's language So, the medium of the instruction is English.

End term examinations

The final exams that students take at the end of their one-year MBA programme are called end-term exams. These tests assess the students' comprehension of the curriculum and their application of the knowledge they have acquired.


As part of the one-year MBA programme, students must complete assignments, which are academic work. These assignments, which are meant to improve practical abilities and broaden comprehension, could take the form of projects, reports, case studies, and presentations.


It is mandatory for all students enrolled in the one-year MBA programme to pass exams in each of the four terms. Details including exam dates, formats, assignment due dates, and other information are requested of candidates. They have a lot of time to dedicate to studying for their individual exams. The programme prospectus contains a detailed description of the regulations governing the examination and the programme.

DU SOL Sample Certificate

Earn a UGC & AICTE, NAAC A++ -recognised degree from DU SOL

  • Learn from the best faculty and industry experts.
  • Become a part of the DU SOL Alumni network.
  • Build job-ready skills to get ready for the workforce.

Who is Eligible for School of Open Learning Admissions?

UG Courses

  • 10+2 from a recognized Education Board
  • A minimum of 45-50% marks in the qualifying exam.
  • Basic Knowledge of the English language.

PG Courses

  • Graduation from a recognized university.
  • At least 45-50% marks in the qualifying exam.
  • Must have studied the English language at 10+2 or graduation level.

Note: For some courses, the university might conduct an entrance exam & the eligibility will also depend on the scores of that exam.


DU SOL Admissions FAQ

An accelerated Master of Business Administration programme that takes place fully online is the one-year online MBA course. In just one year, it is intended to offer a thorough business education, enabling professionals to advance their knowledge and abilities without having to physically attend a campus.

Conventional MBA programmes typically last two years, while one-year online MBA courses compress the course work into twelve months. For those who wish to return to the workforce sooner and accelerate their learning process, this expedited format is appropriate.

A wide range of topics, including management, finance, marketing, operations, strategy, and entrepreneurship, are often covered in online one-year MBA programmes. Moreover, some programmes allow students to customize their education to fit a particular industry through specializations such as global business, technology management, or healthcare management.

Institution-specific requirements differ, however candidates with some prior work experience are preferred for many online one-year MBA programmes. As a result, the entire learning process is enhanced and participants are able to draw from real-world experiences during discussions and projects.

An integral part of MBA programmes is networking. Although there are no in-person interactions in online courses, the majority of programmes provide virtual networking opportunities, discussion boards, and group projects to help students connect with industry professionals, professors, and peers.